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 Mr. W. Cameron has kindly made the following photographs available:






 The Thomas Street site with tennis court in the foreground





 Ballymena Academy, Thomas Street




 Another view of the Thomas Street School






 The Assembly Hall, Thomas Street

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 The Thomas Street Art Room (Left) and Chemistry Room 13 with Mr R J Kernohan's writing on the board


 The Thomas Street school Gymnasium and Gym Instructor Sergeant Browne



 The playground horse and Sergeant Browne in the gym







 Ballymena Academy, Staff and Governors, c. 1930

Taken outside the chemistry laboratory about 1958 the photograph shows, from left to right;
 Mr. Kernoghan, Mr. Allen, Miss Kyle, Mrs. Whitley, Miss Armstrong and Mr. Russell.
 (Photograph thanks to Mrs. Sloan nee Armstrong)
 Also from about 1958 this photograph taken at Guide Camp
 shows Mr. Mol and Miss Armstrong.
 (photograph thanks to Mrs. Sloan nee Armstrong)
 Ballymena Academy 1st XI, 1949 - 50
 Standing: Mr. W.H. Mol, E. Blair, M.B. Brown,
 H.A. Calderwood, A.L. Ramsey, Miss M.J. Turner
 Seated: M.P. Brown, L.M. Watt, M.E.J. Glass,
 E. Jamieson (Captain), A. Lynch, M.A.C. McKernan,
 H. Taggart
 Ballymena Academy 1st XV, 1949 - 50
 Standing: Mr. R.W. Mitchell, W.G. Hamilton, A.H. Simpson,
 Mr. W.H. Mol, H.K. Graham, R.T.B. Gregg, Mr. A. Watt
 Seated: D.T.M. Calderwood, J.L. Sloan, A.H. Graham,
 T.A.M. Gregg (Captain), L.A.D. Graham, W.S. Holmes, J.G. McDowell,
 S. Millar, J. Kernoghan, J.K. Houston, N.B. Graham, J.I. Bill
 Morton'sHouse, Knocknanure - the site of the present school.
 The front door oftoday's school is approximately in the same position
as the front doorof the old house





 The present school, c. 1972

 TheRev. Robert Matthews held office from 1829 to 1847 and for
theremaining years of the century the school was in the hands of
Rev.William Reeves, D.D.(1847-1858) and the Rev. Robert King
 In1896, the brothers Mr. W. A. Fullerton, B.A. and Mr. J. A. Fullerton,B.A.
(assited shortly afterwards by Mr. T. Kirkpatrick, B.A.) openedthe
Ballymena High School in High Street. Enrolment very quicklyoutstripped
the premises. When Mr. King died in 1900, the Govenors ofthe Academy
offered the vacant post of Headmaster to Mr. W. A.Fullerton, B.A.
 He closed the high school and transferred his pupils to the Academy.
 All three of these gentlemen served the Academy until they retired more
than thirty years later

Thanks to Mr. Cameron for making these photographs available.

If you have any similar archive photographs that could be included in this section please contact the school at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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