This November the Ballymena Academy Players 2019 production of "Bugsy Malone" will  transform the W. H. Mol Assembly Hall stage into a speakeasy.

'Anybody who is anybody will soon walk through that door, at Fat Sam’s Grand Slam Speak Easy!' Not least the effortlessly charming, ever-reliable Bugsy Malone. This exuberant musical is set in the Prohibition era, in the heart of New York, in the midst of gang warfare, which is fought with the brilliantly silly custard-shooting splurge guns.

Fat Sam, owner of the most glamorous speakeasy in town, is under attack from the ruthless Dandy Dan and his empire's under threat. The only man Fat Sam can depend on is Bugsy, a washed-up stony-broke boxing promoter. But though he has a heart of gold, Bugsy is a lady’s man. And he’s fallen head over heels for Blousey Brown, a smart-talking singer with dreams of Hollywood stardom.

The movie was a huge success— starring Scott Baio as Bugsy and Jodie Foster as Fat Sam’s moll Tallulah, with an entire cast under 17 years old.

Bursting with brilliant songs composed by Paul Williams such as "You Give a Little Love" and the heartbreaking "Tomorrow", this is a truly unmissable musical. If you’ve seen the film, you know all the reasons why you should catch this production and if you haven’t then throw yourself into the thrilling fantasy world of Bugsy Malone. As Fat Sam will tell you: “Back to your tables! Razamataz! Music! I wanna see everybody enjoying themselves. No one can say Fat Sam’s ain’t the liveliest joint in town.”




When:                    2nd March

Where:                   Ballymena Academy Sixth Form Centre

Who:                     Yrs 8 - 13

Time:                     10am - 1.30pm

Other:                    Register with Mrs Nelson and collect a scene to prepare for the day.


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