“Ballymena Academy Cares for the Individual and Inspires Learning and Achievement”


A caring commitment permeates all aspects of school life and to this end the school seeks to work in partnership with parents. Pastoral support ensures that respect for the individual and care for the overall well-being of each pupil are at the heart of our school community. Procedures exist for early identification of pupils with special educational needs for whom appropriate provision is arranged in consultation with parents and other support agencies.


Friendly and Caring

Though Ballymena Academy is a large modern school, it is friendly and caring. If a pupil is anxious or in difficulty someone will help: Classroom Teacher, Form Tutor, Pastoral Advisor, the Head of Year, School Nurse, School Counsellor, Pastoral Care Vice-Principal.

Parents are key pastoral care partners.They are strongly encouraged to contact the school if in any way concerned about their child's well-being: for example, about bullying, or anxiety about the impactor a pupil's workload or other factors outside school which may be affecting their child psychologically or physically.

Pastoral issues are discreetly and sensitively addressed in the context of both school situations and broader health,personal and social circumstances.


Safe and Secure Environment

All Teachers share in Pastoral Care. They provide a safe environment in which pupils can grow. They set behavioural standards and have clear expectations. They are demanding- but fair. Rules and regulations are kept to a minimum, clearly stated and published to pupils and parents. In keeping with our positive ethos and the good relationships which characterise our school, we encourage children and young people to act responsibly and with respect for others.


Our Pastoral Care Programmes exhort pupils:

• to be respectful and considerate
• to show emotional intelligence in their dealings with others
• to demonstrate self-discipline in school and in life.

Pastoral Care System

• Heads of Year co-ordinate the work of Form Tutors
• Pastoral Advisors liaise with VP Pastoral, Heads of Year and Tutors
• Pastoral Advisors support pupils and link with class teachers and parents
• The Pastoral Vice-Principal meets with Heads of Year, Pastoral Advisors
• The Pastoral Vice-Principal supports and sustains each Pastoral Team
• Designated Staff support on matters of ChildProtection
• A school Care Team liaises with outside Agencies
• Staff help pupils to develop their self-management and organisational skills
• A professional Counsellor is available for pupil consultation
• Helplines and CounsellingServices contact details are displayed on Advice Boards
• The School Nurse andSchool First Aid Team respond to health or injury concerns

Special Educational Needs

The SpecialEducational Needs Co-ordinator ensures that in co-operation with NEELB personnel, the special requirements and learning needs of identified pupils are appropriately addressed. This is done through individualised support programmes devised by classroom teachers, Heads of Subjects, Literacy and Numeracy co-ordinators.


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